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Snoop Dogg's Top Ten Songs(1-5)

Its been a great week in tribute to the big homey Snoop Dogg on Smart and Angry. Here is the final five great songs of his outstanding career of 11 solo albums 3 group and numerous other contributions. 


Ain't No Fun ft The Doggpound, Warren G, and Nate Dogg

One of the things Snoop Doggy Dog's music does sometimes is make us ok with whats otherwise offensive. This song is so juvenile, crude, misogynist, and anything but PC. But when it comes on at the club, or at a party, I can almost guarantee that you are most likely on the dance floor singing right along to this one. It's unexplainable I know, but this song is just one of those that just gets you moving.

10-Snoop Doggy Dogg - Ain't No Fun by justa



Gin n Juice

Classic Gangsta rap record right here. Not only was it a true sequel to Nuthin but a G' Thang, it was also showcased Do-double G's storytelling abilities. Love the video for this as well, someone getting domino and smashing it through the table.  



Oh, Oh, Oh!... is how it started and next thing I know a record that I wasn't so fond of made me take notice. A complete departure from the OG image on this one, and no one was mad about it. This might be one of my favorite videos of all time. This was the first time we really got to hear Snoop talk positive about his girl as well as a hint of more maturity as well.   


Snoop Dogg(Whats My Name pt II)

This song was appropriately titled for sure. Had almost the same effect on you as Whats my name part one. Just a crazy production right here, I just don't know how Timbaland came up with the idea for something as weird and spacey as this. This can go toe to toe with any song in Snoops catalog. I love that Lady of Rage and Nate Dogg are doing some background work on the chorus with Timbo as well, keeps it in the family even more.  


Who am I(What's My Name)

Do I really have to say anything about this one? Honestly if you have ever liked this mans music, this its the song that made us a fan.


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