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Update: Justa's Top Ten Albums and Edward James Almost(Honorable Mentions)

What a year for music y'all, I cannot tell you how excited and inspired I am by the level of quality that has been released in 2010. Anyways here's the last two list from me this year. 

The Edward James Almost



Found out about this guy a couple of months ago and I am glad I did. A very positive rapper, with skills to match as well? Yeah it's possible, the production bangs on this one and he has more to say than your usual conscious rapper as well is a plus as well. A definite gem, glad to had stumbled upon him for sure.

Shad-Keep Shining



Rick Ross-Teflon Don

Seems like every rapper this year went over B.M.F(Blowin Money Fast), and that wasn't even the freshest song on the albumI am not a huge fan of the guy, but I can't front that the music he makes continues to improve. Used to think that the beats made the man, but this guy was actually spitting pretty well along side some of Hip-Hops best. Not that he is ever going to steal the show(though he pretty much does so from Kanye on Live Fast and Die Young),he isn't getting that out-shined by Jadakiss, TI, or Jay-Z(who delivers one of his best verses in the last ten years on Free Mason). He sounds more comfortable than ever on this release. Which sounds more epic than ever, and we even begin to see a bit of a reflective side of the self-glossed “Boss”. 

Rick Ross ft T.I, Erykah Badu, & Jadakiss- Maybach Music III

Reflection Eternal(Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek)- Revolutions Per Minute


This is the best record Talib has put out since, well since the last Reflection album. Usually where he falters is with the amount of concepts and sounds he tries to fit into one album. I always like him best when he is more grounded and going one direction sonically. Where as Hi-Teks problem is that he probably spends too much time with Dr Dre and gets grounded in a certain style of production style. So the two join forces once again, and this time it's as good of results as last. Sonically its very cohesive, even though there are a few stale moments like Get Loose where once again Talib and Tek reach for the clubs, even though neither have seem to have much success in this arena(though last years Idle Worship single Bedroom Lites, goes hard). None the less there are really very few missteps, the sound isn't some recycled 2001 Lyricist Lounge, or Rawkus nostalgia you would expect. The beats all sound either right for this time, or a few years ahead of time. While on the other side Kweli sounds more focused than he has in years. 

Reflection Eternal ft Jay Electronica, Mos Def, & J.Cole-Just Begun

Kid Cudi- Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr Rager

I wasn't the hugest fan of Day n Night to begin with, actually Dat New New was the first song I had heard from him that I thought would blow up. I loved his first A Kid Named Cudi Mixtape, and his first album has grows on me more every time I listen to it(Soundtrack 2 My Life Goes). This album though I took a liking to immediately much like his first mixtape. I thought it was better put together and wasn't trying to appease the fans of Kanye(who I feel has been influenced greatly by Cudi in his sound) or the Day N Night radio fans. So many good songs on here and though some might grow tired of this lonely stoners sound, I think his sound grows stronger every release. On this there is no exception to the what the man can do. He can do pop-rock numbers such as Mr Rager, or Erase Me, more Hip-Hop leaning like Mojo So Dope, or Wild'n Cuz I'm Young, duet with the Queen of Soul Mary J Blige or just blow our minds with a intergalactic hip-hop/electro jam featuring Cee-Lo right off the back. Whatever he does though, he continues to keep it fresh and ahead of the curve. 

Kid Cudi ft Cee-Lo Gree- Scott Mescudi vs The World

Donwill & Von Pea-The Sandwich Shop EP


Now days its hard to garner any attention outside of the genre blogs because of the over-saturation of “mixtapes”, and freestyles being put out daily. 2/3 of Tanya Morgan somehow managed to think of a fresh way to stand out from the rest of the rappers who might of thought that it would be a good idea to rap over a track on The RootsSandwiches free download of instrumental outtakes from the Jimmy Fallon Show. These guys decided to choose nine of those they favored, and drop some the most impressive 35 minutes of rapping this year I’ve heard. This is a definite treat for those who are fans of The Roots and welcome great rap. Plus it's free as well? Definitely should get on this one. 

Don Will & Von Pea ft Che Grand-Headphone Rock


H.I.S.D(Hueston Independent Spit District)-The Weakend


If I wouldn't have purchased this album last week online it might have cracked that list above. I really am digging what I heard so far just haven't been able to listen to it more than twice, and really break it down. These dudes definitely are on the next level. Some of the best conceptually thought out records I have heard in a while, wish I could say a lot more just don't have the time now to do it justice.




Rhymefest-El Che


After leaving his label and starting from scratch, Rhymefest finally delivers on what has been in the making for 3 years now. He follows-up on his debut with a much more well-rounded effort overall. This album tends to show us who Che truly(Rhymefest real name) is as a man. My friend and I have given the name grow-folk rap to this album, cause it really isn't for the radio nor the “hip-hop heads” per say. It's for the everyday person who enjoys music. Not to say that he isn't still one of the best rappers in the game anymore, this album just shows how much more than that he just is.


Rhymefest- City is Fallen


Raheem DeVaugn-Love & War


 When listening to Raheem is almost like a throwback. The spirit of classic soul just embodies this mans material. Not to say that it sounds dated, just that there is a conviction and integrity to his vision.


Upon my first listen a few months back something immediately connected with me. Whether it was the brilliant Cornell West spoken word interludes, or the way he is able to communicate love in a way that isn't corny or redundant sounding, It all just works. While the production isn't breakthrough, it is quality. Building pleasant sonic backgrounds to accompany a wonderful voice and great lyrics.


 In today’s R&B(as well a good majority of music in general) I feel like a lot of the material and acts are cardboard and interchange-able. I thought after Usher put out Confessions it would get back to more honest material and grown up material across the board. Which it didn't for the most part. Good thing we have artist like him turning in quality projects staying true to what good music should be about.


Raheem DeVaugn-Nobody Wins A War


And Now without further ado...

The Top Ten


10)David Banner & 9th Wonder-Death of A Popstar


Have to admit that I was never on the 9th wonder bandwagon, his stuff with Little Brother was cool, his collaborations with Murs were pretty dope, just didn't understand all the hype. David Banner on the other hand, I've always liked. My friend let me peep Crooked Lettez-Grey Skys back in high school and when I found out the dude who made Like A Pimp, and T.I.'s Rubber Bandman was the guy from that group my interest was sparked even more. Well as time passed Banner continued making ok albums, but I wondered when he would show his social commentary side a bit more and move away from his more radio ready stuff. Well that question is finally answered as Banner decides focuses solely on his lyrics and lets 9th handle behind the boards work. Resulting in one of the best albums released in hip-hop this year. Those who might have doubted that MC skills of David, should be silenced after this album as the Mississippi college educated(who is working on his masters as we speak) shows not only his social awareness, but his great skill set as well. 9Th's production takes a leap ahead as well as he shows off some of his best use of soul loops with songs like Be With You, Stuttering, Silly(which he also shows a bit of his mic skills as well),and on others shows off his a more southern influenced style(which sounds like he's been listening to a lot of Goodie Mob).

This is the work of two men who have a new understanding of self, and the confidence shines through in this project. Where the mission isn't just to make the best music they can, but to leave something that others can look to and do just the same.  

9)Ghostface Killah-Apollo Kids


Me: Damn...This last track

Just sitting here making that mug face right now

Bobojojo: yep

me: Man that might be the hardest consecutive 12 tracks I ever heard in my life.


This was part of the chat I had with Bobojojo while listing to this album for the first time. Think it almost sums up why I put it on this list. Ghostface just comes with what the fans have wanted all this year after a so-so Wu Massacre album, and last years Ghostdini: The Wizard Of Poetry album(which I liked but can see why hardcore fans didn't). This basically takes off where Only Built For Cuban Linx II left off. That gritty New York sound that only the members of Shailon can bring. The spirit of The Wu spreads over this album as guest artist turn in some of their best verses in years. Check out the The Game,Drama, Trife the God on Black Tequila, Busta Rhymes in rare pre-millennium form again on Superstar, and Black Thought....well... just mercenaries In The Park(would have been in my top 20 songs if I would have heard this earlier)which I couldn't put any nicer. This is a classic hip-hop album, meaning dope beats, dope rhymes and that's all it really is about when all is said in done.


Ghostface Killah ft Black Thought- In The Park


8)Foreign Exchange- Authenticity


What I like most about this group is how every album their sound evolves a bit. From Hip-hop, to R&B, to 80's new wave, Foreign Exchange never stops adding on to their sonic plateau. The growth of Phonte the singer really shows off this album, and the as far as songs go, there anything but what you think would be considered standard R&B now-a-days. From The Cure influences, country- western, and new-wave, the experimentation doesn't disappoint. Though a slightly darker tone than the other subject wise this time. The content deals with the end of the a relationship and a broken mans as he navigates all the thoughts that come with it. Well it starts off that way, then all of the sudden in the middle, we all of sudden have a little hope in new love. Songs like Don't Wait are like advice sung from the guy who just went through a long relationship, who are now giving hope to someone else. Then there is my personal favorite the Lionel Richie influenced The City Ain't the Same Without You. Which reduces Phonte to background vocals as YahZarah sings from the female point-of-view about why things might of not worked out.This is mature R&B music made well.


The Foreign Exchange-The City Aint The Same Without You

7)Von Pea-Peas Gotta Have It


Not just one of my favorite albums, but my also one of my favorite artist this year. Besides releasing The Sandwhich Shop EP with Downwill as well as So Motivational:Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes (which were both respectively great projects), he managed to make

a really good album as well. The album sonically just immediately transports you to NY the minute you press play. I haven't heard an album this New York probably since Ghostface Killahs Supreme Clientele. 

The sound isn't the only thing which has this on my year-end list, conceptually and lyrically this album has it as well. From the first track to the end Von guest are able to create and sustain

one of the more creative rap releases this year.

Von Pea ft Don Will-We Should Be



6)Eryka Badu- New Ameryka Part Two:The Return of the Anka


The sequel to the 2008 gem takes a different route and returns Miss Badu to her Baduizum days.

What we get is a great collection of new soul jams that aren't a rehash of some played out neo- soul production. This all sounds very at home in the year 2010, as we check emails, text messages, and watch our favorite shows on DVR or via stream. You still need a soundtrack to groove to as you do housework on Saturday mornings, something you can listen to as you have your friends over for dinner and wine, or on a rainy day drive home from work. All the aforementioned situations are perfect for this album


Erykah Badu ft The Roots-Window Seat(Jimmy Fallon Live)



5)The Roots-How I Got Over


After two darker themed albums The Roots somewhere between being the dopest band in

late night talk show history, touring and recording a cover record with John Legend, turned in not only one of their strongest works to date, but strongest music releases overall this year as well. The darkness is gone as the band explores the everyday struggles of life, as well as the joys of adulthood as well. With help from an ecclectic guest list featuring female vocalist from The Dirty Projectors, Blu, Monsters of Folk, Joana Newsome, Phonte, and John Legend. All fit well, and join the band in what almost seems celebration of age.



4)Corrine Baily Rae-The Sea


Two years after the death of her husband, and three years removed from her first release Baily returns with a more mature and full set. Every time I listen to this album I find something new about it that I can enjoy. One think this album would fall into melancholy after the tragic loss, yet instead we find this artist singing songs about hope, fun nights, and continuing on and living life with no regrets.Though her self titled début had some strong songs, I must admit enjoy this album a lot more cause it actually sounds more like an album.

Corrine Baily Rae-I Would Like It Beauty


3)Big Boi-Sir Lucious Left Foot:The Son of Chico Dusty


I think the only thing that hurts Big Boi as an artist is being in a group with one of the most acclaimed artist of the last 20 years. Now I will say that Andre 3000 and him together...are untouchable, but as solo artist each have there strengths and weaknesses. Big Boi's would be his

lyrical content. Which sometimes comes across as simple at times. Which I don't know is the result of constant comparisons to Dre, or just his own limitations.


Well besides the pointless skits and at time weak content this album definitely deserves to be on more than a few year-end list. The production is next level. The way Big Boi uses his voice is everything that Niki Manaj(promise this will be her only mention on this list)unsuccessfully tries to pull off all the time. Not only that, but what truly stands apart are that these are truly Big Boi songs. I really can't see any rapper or artist in general performing or interpreting as well as he does. This album proves beyond a doubt that Big Boi is one of the best in the game for sure, as well as proving it is one of the great standout releases this year.



2)Kanye West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Kanye is another artist who seemingly always manages to amaze. I had doubts on how good this

would be. But those doubts were quickly silenced the first time I heard song Runaway. Though

many have their personal favorite tracks for this album, I really feel that this set the bar for the

rest of the album. Yes, All of The LightsGorgeous, and Dark Fantasy are impressive works as well I just feel like as a listener we wouldn't have been ready for what was to come without

this track. It was the gateway for what was to come.


I commend this album for taking risk it did though, and the only thing that keeps this from being my personal favorite of the year were the inclusion of three not so standout G.O.O.D Friday tracks. Not to say that So Appalled and Monster aren't good tracks. They are each interesting in their own right, just didn't fit well on the album. I honestly wanted to like Devil in New Dress as well. But over the last 3 months of Kanye track releases, this was the one I deleted originally. Other than that I had no complaints about this album and it will warrant more listens down the road for sure.


1)Janelle Monae-The Archandriod (Suite II & Suite III)


This is the album did more than simply met my expectations, it blew my mind away. There is not one person who I have shown this album to that has not been impressed as well. The Archandroid will be one of those albums that I can show the younger ones down the line and, most likely, will still blow their minds away. Much like when I had discovered Stevie Wonders Talking Book in high school.


I cannot not say enough about this album . This is this decades D'Angelo Voodo. What I mean by that is I feel it will lay a new standard for the genre for years to come. Pushing more artist to think outside their comfort zones. Only thing this lacked was the major push by radio to get it into the ears of tmore youth. Radio programmers probably couldn't find where it would fit most likely, and instead continued to force-feed Lady Gaga, and Kei$ha down listeners throats. Though at the end of the I highly doubt that Janelle aimed for mere chart numbers and album sales while creating process. The album artwork, liner notes, live performances, recording process, music videos, song order, and anything else that went with formation of this project shows that there was a greater vision than usual accolades and business obligations. 


In the words of Jay-Z “What More Can I Say”


Justas Top 102 Songs in 2010 (12-1)

    102-69 68-40 39-13

    12)Trey Songz-Can't Be Friends

    I couldn't believe that this song went ignored while Bottoms Up was bubbling on the charts, and the clubs. The first single off his Passion, Pain, & Pleasure penned & produced by Mario Winans(of I Need A Girl Fame pt 1&2)is classic. I haven't heard a mainstream male-sung pop ballad this mature and well written in years. The Trey's vocals just add so it has so much vulnerability to it. This year I became a Trey Songz fan off of this song. This might be the best song that showcased his vocal abilities to their fullest potential. Just like I said about the Big Sean mention a few songs ago, there needs to be more honestly again from mouths of men. Winans pens the perfect song not just about breaking up, but about the end of relationship on any format. This should be recognized for R&B song of the year.


    11)Delta Spirit-Salt In the Wound

    You know this must be a good song to be a indie rock outfit mentioned on a list with predominantly Soul, R&B, and Rap artist, as we as place just outside of the top-ten. Love the introspection about spirituality and point of existing as well in this song. When he just howls out the end of the track its a powerful moment as well. Great production as well as songwriting on this one.

    10)All City Chess Club- I'm Beamin Remix

    I wrote a ton about this track already in the Asher post earlier. The level of greatness from verse to verse is just on another planet. A posse track in todays music landscape is never this impressive. So much goodness can be said about this hip-hop symphony. All City Chess Club>G.O.O.D Music or any other crew today, IMO.

    9)Big Boi ft Andr3000-Lookin 4 You

    The Outkast track that was left off a Big Boi album. The best thing these guys have done together since Roses, no matter how much solo material these two put out. Nothing beats the group that redefined what the music could be in the first place. Lennon, And Paul never could match the greatness that was The Beatles, though both released good stuff after. Same applies here. Hope that one day these guys can get back together to challenge music once again.

    8)Eryka Badu-Gone Baby, Don't Be Long

     The Wings sample flip on this is incredible. I don't know if anyone else but Mrs Badu could have pulled this off so well. Was the track off this album that made me push repeat right away, couldn't believe the goodness that was being bestowed upon my ears.


     7)Von Pea-The Yorker

     This is the Empire State of Mind part 3 right here. This track screams New York at you. I don't know how many have been there, but this is the other people in New York that doesn't revolve around Broadway. No diss to Jay-Z and Alicia, but there renditions were a little more glamor influenced. Good song, but this has a feeling of more everyone who isn't in the lime lights of one of the best cities in the world.

     6)Kid Cudi-Mr Rager

     I don't know if Kid Cudi somehow looked at my life in 2008 and wrote a song based on it, but if there was a song about that, it would be this one. Just a song about the party dude, who is headed no where really. Sad tale for sure, I am glad as hell to be out of that mindset. A great production right here.

    5)Reflection Eternal-Ballad of a Black Gold

    A sad tale of our addiction to oil. By one of the best lyricist in hip-hop today. Came out a little before the huge BP oil spill. This guy is a prophet. He is saying some real stuff here, this might be the best song ever made about the USA, and our addiction to oil. Video was great  as well. 

    "if you oil rich then we invadin, they call it occupation, but we losing jobs across the nation"

    4)Kanye West ft Pusha T-Runaway

    Remarkable how much male bashing goes on in pop-music today from the mouths of women. Glad there are finally some honest well made songs like this from the minds of the victimizers themeselves. The production though is where the magic starts on this track. The samples, the piano, the drum arrangement, strings so much gold hidden in this. Then when Push comes on with the most asshole-ish, arrogant verse possible, it just all comes together. Kanye is a great artist, when all is said and done. I will give the man his props while he is still with us. He makes great music. So lets say a toast to the douche-bags

    3)Asher Roth-G.R.I.N.D(Get Ready It's a New Day)

    What can I say that I haven't already said about this guy, this year? The guy obviously has found a deeper purpose in life, is making great music, and might have one of the best anthems of the year that not a lot of people have heard yet. That doesn't take away though from the importance of this song though. It had to be made by someone, because threw all the crap we have been through the last few years, there needed to not be just an angry song stating the obvious, it needed to be angry and pointing to someway to start making things better in our own lifes, and inspiring true change. The chrous is amazingly soulful, takes me back to when I was little at church and would love to dance to all the positive uplifting gospel songs. At the end of the day Asher, and G.R.I.N.D are a true life testament of how its never too late to change for the better.

    2)John Legend & The Roots-Shine

    When I was leaving the theater after watching the documentary Waiting For Superman , this is the song that was playing as the credits rolled. I thought it was a cover when I found out that it was from his and The Roots project, but when I found out this was an original, I was amazed. Went home listened to it some more and reached the conclusion that he has not only written one of the best songs this year, but also one of the best of his music career as well.

    1)Janelle Monae- Tightrope

    My favorite artist this year song that kept me dancing at work, dancing at home, dancing in the car and anywhere this song played. Not just because the music had such a danceable vibe either. Because of the message within in the song as well. Staying on course to pursue your passions and dreams as well. One of the best songs this decade by far. Will not stop singing praises her way. 

    Next Week: Top Ten Albums of 2010

Justas Top 102 Songs in 2010 (68-40)

68)T.I.-Yeah You Know

Tip will always sound best on huge sounding tracks. What I love about this song is that it showcases what he does best once again. There is no one in the game that can bend and flip his style up like Tip. When he owns the track, he owns it.


67)Pac Div ft Marz Lovejoy- Shine

It's unfortunate they have yet to release their debut Grown Kids Syndrome yet. These dudes are so fresh, and it doesn't seem like they are even break a sweat while communicating this.

 66) The Cool Kids-Parking Lot

Cruising music right here. I have one hand on the steering wheel and seat leaned all the way back when this joint is on. One of my favorites from their Tacklebox mixtape release this year.


65)Curren$y- Montreux

Remember earlier how I mentioned mid-day music? This is another song that falls into the category. Love how smooth the music him and Ski Beatz make is.

64)Theophilous London ft Jesse Boykins- Life of Lover

When I am dressed to the nines, date in the car...this what I want to be hearing.

63)Ludacris ft Niki Minaj-My Chick Bad

I know everyone and their mom wants to hype her verse on Monster, but this was where I thought she announced herself to the world.”I-It-It's going down basement, Friday The 13th guess whose playing Jason” Her style was on full display for sure on this one.

64)Redman-Oh My

I wish this would’ve been included on the Reggie album. Anytime the sun was shining and I was on the freeway I had to let the windows down and put this on blast as the Funk Doctor laces the best with some of the his best rhymes in years.

62)Jo Jo-Wait A Minute(For Your Love)

I always liked The Underdogs production and this one showcases that JoJo is more than a Disney radio artist. I prop her for taking a chance on something different. Track would have been even better if En Vogue was on it.

61)Ne-Yo- One In A Million

Vegas music right here. Nothing better to describe it as, it sounds mysterious, glossy, and sexy. Guy has this type of song on lock.

60)Don Will & Von Pea ft Che Grand- Headphone Rock

Loved this EP, really showcases how good of these guys are. Over some a great instrumental provided by none other than the Legendary The Roots Crew themselves, 2/3 of Tanya Morgan rock well with Che Grand.

59)Marsha Ambrosia-I Hope She Cheats

Was surprised this didn't catch more nationwide radio attention. Well it is a little slower than what is on there now, but such a clever, funny song. Not the typical ? hate you female song at all. Look forward to hearing her full release next year.

58)Reflection Eternal ft Jay Electornica, Mos Def, & J. Cole-Just Begun

Four great rappers showcase their multiple styles on a great beat. Not only that there are so many great things to point out on this one. The quotables, styles, artist... Nuff said.

57)Rhymefest ft John Mayer-Letter

I know Wale leaked his version of this last year, but Rhymefest version felt so much more convincing. Lot more emotion on this one, and since Wale sometimes falls into the monotone status.

56)Lloyd Banks ft Kanye West, Swizz Beats, Pusha T, Ryan Leslie, & Fabolous- Start It Up

This is that one that dudes in the club get crazy for. I have yet to witness it first hand, but I can only imagine. Such a crazy beat, and the star power as well leaves enough quotable to sing along with.

55)Terrance Martin ft U-N-I & Charlie Wilson-Special

Charlie Wilson is one of my favorites ever. His voice is just so unique, and you add him with two of my favorites on the west coast...definite banger.

54)Jamie Lidell-She Needs Me

Some sexy soulful stuff right here from the boy across the point. What I like about this one is the way it builds, it lets you wait a little till it gets a little more raw. By the first time you hear him say ?he needs me you know he means it then. Great bedroom play-list music right here.

53)Nas & Damien Marley-Strong Will Continue

Some of the strongest verses from Nas in a while. Don't know what Damien did to him on this track, but it was definitely inspired him. Great song, right here.

52)Rhymefest ft Slique-The City Is Falling

Great Windy City song. Chi towns hopeful Alderman questions some of the happenings in his life on a great background. Love to hear a song like this sometimes after a long day. Knowing that others are struggling as well in life leaves me feeling less alone in this life.

51)Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- Better Things To Do

This group makes great soul gems, while not sounding old to sum it up simply. She has one of the best voices in music, and this band is just on point. The horn arrangements on this song are so phenomenal on this song.

50)Rick Ross ft Jay-Z & John Legend-Free Mason

So much power in this track, Rick Ross actually has a pretty good verse for the most part as well. ? wont fail, but a lot of men will, I'm iconic in the filed like Solomons Sealwooo! But if that wasn't enough you have a great hook by John Legend and then comes Hov with a killer verse addressing all the Illuminati talk and devil worshiping. Every word in his verse means something and his style was ridiculous. Please anger Jay some more, love hearing him like this.

49)Tiron ft Asher Roth & Blu- The Richers

This beat first of all was incredible, that Biggie sample... ridiculous. But the verses take priority here. All were next level rhyming. Tiron, Asher, and Blu all just attack the beat. While staying in context of the song. Could of easily turned into a typical cypher track, but instead stayed on the concept and all did their thing.

48)Gorrilaz ft De La Soul, & Gruff Rhys-Superfast Jellyfish

How do these dudes stay so relevant? Crazy song from the latest Gorrilaz album, featuring one the greatest rap groups of all time. This song sounds so weird, but so good at the same time.

47)Janelle Monae- Oh Maker

When I was on a plane a few weeks ago, this was the song that was playing while we were taking off. It went perfect as we gained altitude and looked down at how awesome this planet really is..

46)Eryka Badu-Window Seat

Yes we all remember the video, but this is a great get away song. Reminds me every about every time I am taking a trip out-of-town and it actually when you actually realize that your gone, and for however long it is you can take a deep breath and exhale knowing that right now you?e just relaxing.

45)Theophilus London ft Solange, and Dev Hynes-Flying Overseas

I was disappointed at first to not hear this version included on his I Want You project. Great song right here. The vocals of a female just add so much to this. Glad that it came out though none the less. My favorite song off of his latest project.

44)DJ Quik ft Sugafree-Nobody

Quik is one of the most underrated artist of all time. I don't think people can really gather the knowledge and musicality that goes into every track of his. Besides the point though the beauty of this West Coast gem is not only Quik collaborating again with Pomona pimp himself, but that comes right before the hook. Just when you think quick is running out of tricks he always manages to surprises us with something new. Looking forward to listening The Book Of David(which is he says is his “last” album) sometime soon for sure.

43)Jay Electornia ft Jay-Z & The Dream-The Shiny Suit Theory

Just happy to hear some new music from this guy at this point. Doesn't disappoint at all with this one. Jay-Z's verse though, might be one of his best this year period.

42)Big Boi ft Gucci Mane- Shine Blockas

This is my Fred Flinstone track right here. Meaning when ever I get off the clock at work on Friday, I play this. Basically it's a silent Yaba-Dabba-Doooooooo! has a great feel to it. Like I just accomplished something.

41)Von Pea-Fancy Nancy

I wrote about this track on my personal blog earlier this year when I heard it earlier this year.


40)Bruno Mars-Just The Way You Are

I didn't want to like this song. Till I recognized how well written it was. Yes it does sound kind of cheesy, but sometimes we need that in all of our lives.